Recruitment Video Reflection 

This project was a great experience. I wanted to do a lot with our video but my group was not willing to put as much work as I wanted into it. I was left with completing the last half of the video where I could do a little more for it. It was tough working with individuals who did not want to put more effort into the project. At first, I wanted to complain but it was a good experience for working in the teaching world. When collaborating with other teachers, many won’t want to put in the extra hours to make their classroom and lessons more than amazing for their students. Other teachers will want to do the bare minimum because they don’t have a drive to do more. Now that does not necessarily restrict me in going all out in my own classroom, but, it does restrict other students underneath these other schools because they will not have a passionate teacher who wants to push their program and students to be their best. 

Another way this video was a great experience was that when I added the last half I completely forgot about Orchestra! I did mention that students should join it but I forgot to put pictures up of string players in the slide show. This made me realize how rooted I am in band that I completely dismissed Orchestra. This made me think about how restricted I was as a student and how restricting American schools are in music. There are few music programs that reside out of Orchestra and Band. I never see schools have a class specifically on instruments like the banjo or ensembles such as mariachi bands. It is something to think about how we limit our programs from growing towards instruments other than what everyone expects to see.  

I also did not have enough time or ability to show what all the instruments look like in a case and what each instrument needed for their care. I understood when we received critiques that we only showed a woodwind and left out brass and strings. I had more time for this project I would have loved to have more instruments so parents and students can see all the things musicians have to use to take care of their instruments. 


Template for Future Choir Program

Title of Website: [School Name] Choir Program


  • Information about Program: Dates for concerts, audition repetior, name of instructor, contact information, class times, ensemble times
  • Announcements: What we are currently working on in class
  • Ensembles: Describtion of ensembles, structure of group
  • Web links specific for students and Choir parents: Homework assignments, possible payment information
  • Pictures and Videos
  • Past and Future Events: Information for fundraisers, description of past travels and plans for future travels