Art of Teaching Choral Musicians End of Year Reflection


Reflection for Art of Teaching Choral Musicians

Looking back at I think my philosophy is the same. However, I have a deeper feeling and understanding for this philosophy. When Mr. Evans told us that our students need to feel loved and need feel that they have a safe space they go to I was taken back. I thought it was a strange idea. Growing up conservatively, my family and school life has not provided a place where I would always be able to feel safe. It was honestly a strange idea when I first heard it. I understand clearly now what that means. I want my students to feel loved and that they have a safe space to go to. When they walk into the classroom they need to leave their problems from home, school, or with one another, at the door. People need music now than ever before. The world is scary and if they can express innocent joy through music what’s to say they can’t? My students will always have a place in my classroom to set aside their worries and turn their attention to something that uplifts them.

The aspect that I have grown the most as a teacher is learning to understand where my students are coming from and how to love them. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by trying to push your ensembles to achieve higher level of abilities and not living in the “now”. I tend to get caught up in the if’s and what’s of progressing. I have learned that you are right where you need to be. That statement on its own is hard for me to accept. I am hard on myself and that tends to bleed into my teaching. I want to loosen my grip of being hard on my students. The way in which I have learned to fix this is by loving the students I have with all their positives and disadvantages. Having said that I still need to grow away from trying to get too much out of my students. Sometimes I forget that they won’t all be music majors and that they are in it for the fun. I recently have gotten better at knowing they are mostly there for the fun of it. I need to attend those students who are their to enjoy their time making music equal amount of focus compared to those who excel within music.

As a non voice major, what was lacking in this course was not being explained certain terms like the “breaking point” or terms that are overlooked by vocalist because they are so commonly used. I did end up looking into these terms and also asking questions when I did not fully understand them. I would like to learn how to teach a kid to use healthy vocal techniques and how air flow works and just how do you sing healthily? It is relatively easy for a vocalist to understand how to warm up or what techniques there are. Therefore, I wish there was a day where we could have dived into the specifics of that. I had tried to take the Vocal Lab class but it was cancelled and I wasn’t able to take that class. That would have helped when coming to this class but that is the only complaint that I have even though I know this class is not for teaching aspects such as this.



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