Conducting Reflection

I conducted “If Music Be the Food of Love” in my Art of Teaching Choir Musicians class. This was an interesting experience for me. I like to conduct, and I want to do it more often. I think that I did well because I looked over the piano part and the vocal lines. I decided the style at which I should conduct, such as being more legato than staccato. I learned that even though I did make eye contact with everyone, I was scared to do so. Why is that? When I am in an ensemble, I like it when the conductor makes eye contact with me; it shows I am either doing well and we are connecting or that I need to make a change. It is a completely different dynamic being a conductor rather than a performer (Although the conductor is definitely performing also I think it’s safe to say most of those who attend music concerts go to watch the musicians rather than the conductor).

A struggle that I continue to have is that I bend my wrist to much and I give a slight prep beat to my prep beat. This could lead to the ensemble not knowing where the beat is and/or coming in on a different beat than written because I prepped awkwardly. This is something that I need to work in front of a mirror with and learn to get out of the habit of doing.

Other than my wrist bending too much and giving some awkward prep beats that may or may not have been noticed, I think my conducting is relatively strong. I am excited to conduct all sorts of ensembles and experience different kinds of music.


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