Digital Hybrid Post 8

Rogers Visit:

During this project that collaborated with a School in Maricopa School District students in the digital hybrid class at ASU were confused as to how lessons were being scaffolding or how students in the class were being managed. The reason for this is because there were some individuals who did not receive any feedback from their group members that they looked over or they received files that didn’t reflect what ASU students had explained to their group or asked them to do. I began to question if the students in the Maricopa School District were doing what they were supposed to do in class.

When Roger visited it became clear. He explained how students would choose to be on their phones over doing assignments in class. I was confused because I had assumed that he had tried to take action to “punish” students by taking their phone away or calling a parent because of the student disrupting their own learning environment by using their phone in class. However, it became clear that he would rather not be seen as a mean teacher and would rather have his students choose between being a student who wants to learn and improve or be on their cell phone and be distracted the entire time. I was even more confused after hearing this. I understood the concept but kids who are 13-years-old may be old enough to make decisions but are not capable of seeing the outcome of those decisions.

I think this was a good experience to hear how there are schools who do not implement their policy collectively among colleagues. In this school it was a class to class basis. The culture is not consistent when pushing for students to expand their knowledge. I do not think that this is a bad thing to let kids make their own decisions but I do think they aren’t ready to make decisions when they do not have the mental capacity yet to understand how current decisions can impact their future.  I also think that there should be no grades but when there are some classes that earn a grade and some that do not and instead rely on participation I think that is wrong to do. Certain classes are then not seen as important and it should either be all or nothing.


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