Digital Hybrid Lab Post 4

DAW Piano Roll Notation Build Your Chops Blog Post:

Ableton seems to be a more difficult program to use when using PRN. I have had difficulty being able to use Ableton because of my little knowledge when it comes to using software to record and make music without have a staff line. A much more simplified version that correlates to what Ableton is trying to accomplish is Soundtrap. In soundtrap, there are icons that are more easily noticable to what they point of them is. There are less things to choose from which I think makes it easier to use. Things are organized to be minimal and therefore it is less confusing when you are trying to find something like the metronome or where to import a file. Also, I do not like using Macs and at school we use Macs where preferences and tabs such as this are in the menu bar at the top of the screen, whereas PC’s the options are in the tab itself and are much easier to find.

The reason why I think that Soundtrack would be good to improve “Chops” when it comes to PRN or using any software similar to this at all is because it makes it easy for the user. It is a good place to start when using software like Ableton instead of jumping into a program that is just too advanced for beginners. Swtiching between Macs and PCs is a good way to improve chops as well because it gives you an opportunity to use both systems and learn how to navigate them. You never know what type of computers you will have as a teacher so it is good to be fluent in both.



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