Micro-Teaching Lesson 3 Sight Singing


I feel that I am gradually getting better at giving lessons. This lessons was the best so far. The positives were that I went over what you should look for in sight reading like key signature, time signature, and dynamics. I had them count out load the subdivision rather than what ever point in time they were in the measure. This allowed them to stay in time instead of loosing or stretching the time because they aren’t counting between the beats. I think most people don’t think about dynamics when sight reading, however, if a student is able to notice small writings in a piece of music such as dynamics I think that shows how much they look ahead when playing something. Another positive thing I did was explain the dynamics. I used gestures while they sang to express how loud or soft they need to be to better emphasize the dynamic changes. 

A negative aspect of this was that I could have given them too much information for the dynamic changes. I am not sure what grade level I am working with so I wanted to cover all of them incase I am working with older students. This is negative for younger students because it could be an information overload for them. Another negative is that I didn’t run through the entire key before they sang. I always forget how many scales it seems singers go through to find their pitch and I need to be more considerate of that. 

Overall, I feel that this lesson went well. I was able to smoothly transition to new ideas. I could have used less or more topics to the sight reading depending on what age I’d be teaching. I need to have them run through the scale at which the piece will be sung in. I am glad I am improving.


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