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If you would do this in your future classroom, how would you do it? How would you allow for variety of interests and skill levels while keeping it manageable?

If I was to do this in the future I would start off by letting them just mess with the program. They could be able to learn how to navigate the software and possibly learn how to use the software. It would be great to have them work with college students as well, however, that may not be possible. That is a way to have them stay interested in doing this and keep variety in the project because of different groups perceptions of how things should be done, what audio sound should be used, etc. Another way to keep variety, which some students may not like, is assigning them to a genre of music they are not familiar with but are still interested in. This would force them to be introduced to rhythms or sounds that they aren’t necessarily comfortable with or know and would allow them to further their knowledge of music, rather than what they habitually listen to. A way to manage the skill level is listening to the piece before allowing them to put it together. If it is too easy, difficult, or just right to further their education on music, would determine what song they could work on.


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