MicroTeaching 2

Micro Teach #2



Microteaching #2 could have gone better. This time around it made me realize that if you are teaching a singing group and you are sick at the same time it is difficult to sing in the first place, stay focused on the group and task at hand, and complete your warm-ups in a timely manner.

I started with stretches. I felt like this went well and it seemed to have relaxed the classmates. One thing that I would have done differently is explaining why some of these stretches apply to singing. Such as relaxing the jaw to help low notes, or adding in massaging of the face to better relax areas where higher pitches are “aimed”. Another thing I would have done different is the breathing exercise, instead of me trying to breath and not pass out while being sick and stuffed up was to just count along with their breathing out load so that it is more for the students rather than me trying to do the breathing exercise with them the entire time. I liked the singing exercises we did, however I would have liked to add buzzing of the lips, expanding the range both higher and lower, and having exercises printed out for the students to have.

All in all, I wouldn’t say this whole microteaching #2 was a failure. I think that this had more to do with not being able to focus on the teaching aspect and learning how difficult it is to be a sick teaching and run a warm-up or rehearsal when singing. I had picked good exercises, in the future, I would like the pick exercises that specifically pertain to the music that we are working on. It is a great experience seeing others microteaching and learning from their exercises that they use in warm-ups.


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