MicroTeaching 1

Micro Teach #1



This was my first interaction with anything choral related. I did not know how to warm up a student and did not realize how long choral auditions are. In my comfortable band world auditions are sometimes less than 5 minutes. I noticed when watching others run their choral auditions that some were 10+ minutes. However, this is great for the student, I feel it is unrealistic to have long auditions when you only have so much time as a teacher to run auditions. You may have the ability to have a week or a few days of auditions outside of class, although, usually you have to run this during the time of your class because students are only available at that specific time. Another point is giving your student enough time to sight read. Voice majors in class gave their students lots of time to prepare for the sight reading. For my own personal experience, I have been taught to have 30 seconds to look over a piece of music, and literally sight read it. From my impression, it is different for the choral community, however I am sure there are exceptions. This was a great learning experience and I am excited to change the way I audition choral students to more fit the audition for voice instead of instruments.



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