Digital Hybrid Post 4

There are a few frustrations that I have discovered with Digital Hybrid Lab. The first is that I am not always going to be given an answer to my question. No one in class or the instructors are experts on all of my questions so I usually have to do most of the research myself. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It forces me to learn on my own. Now this takes up time during class to do this which leads my to my next frustration. There is not enough time with in a given class period to fur-full an assignment.  This is not just a problem with this class it is a problem within the Music Ed degree at ASU. we are given many assignments every class 5 times a week, usually multiple in the same day and then are expected to reach deadlines. On top of these assignments we are expected to practice for each performing class. I am taking 18 credits, I teach twice a week at a high school for indoor percussion and go to weekend responsibilities for that group. I had to resign from my part-time job because of this semesters work load. I understand my rant has turned into venting about the busyness of this semester but I sure do feel better now for saying it.

The way that I can become better at completing my projects is taking a yoga class because of the stress time managing has become. But in all seriousness I could try to complete my research online quicker so that I do not use so much of class time.


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