Hybrid Week 4

 So far, I have learned that Ableton can be frustrating. I can see on other classmates faces who do not create music using software, like Ableton, or that do not use technology like this, that they are frustrated as well. This just brings more focus to learning how to teach software and become more familiar with it so that it is not frustrating for students. This learning experience is going to be great when working with teenagers who we will be assigned to when creating a pop song. I will be able to relate to the kids frustrations and will also be able to help resolve their issues when working with Ableton. That in and of itself can be a lesson plan of working through frustrations of technology when specifically working with applications like Ableton.
In the link above, there are resources to lesson plans related to Ableton, and how teachers can learn how to use and teach Ableton. I have also learned that Ableton is not directed towards kids, but teenagers, 15+, because honestly, Ableton can be complicated to learn, but with a knowledgeable instructor, it can make experience with the application a breeze.

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