Personal Philosophy of Music Pertaining to Choir

There is always room to grow. There is room to grow as a teacher, as a student, and as an ensemble. We all never stop being students when it comes to learning new information from one another. There will always be someone who knows more than you, who is more talented than you, and someone who is quicker on their feet than you. However, do not let this stop you from having at least some belief in yourself, or as some might say an ego to turn to when you feel you cannot catch up to individuals who seem to succeed you in every way. It is by that sliver of personal pursuit that we push ourselves in almost a competitive manner to expand our ability and knowledge. I want my students to come out of the classroom at the end of the year and realize how much they have grown as an individual. Through experiences of understanding their failure and realizing their success is a step towards my own philosophy in the class room.

Not only do students grow as an individual, but also as an ensemble and community. Within choir groups, specifically, I have noticed how communal the activity becomes. The activity becomes an action that brings joy to their hearts and health to their spirit. It is no wonder there are flocks of vocalists that look forward to creating music with their community. It is my belief that music is more than notes on a page. It is in-explainable to how it moves a persons soul and mind. Music is a detrimental aspect to society that must be carried on and experienced through our students.


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